PolarI hope you’re wearing athletic shoes and are ready to exercise. Polar wants to get you fit and improve your physical performance. It wants you, not only to listen to your body, but understand what it’s telling you. Whether you’re someone who wants to become active for the first time in a long time, or whether you’re a seasoned pro who enjoys daily ten-mile runs, Polar has products for you. The company has heart rate monitors geared toward basic training, as well as for recreational cyclists or simply for people who want to improve their fitness. Once you’re active, Polar’s products really take off. The company has lines of monitors to help you improve your fitness and maximize your performance. Whether you want to push yourself to the next level or if you rely on systematic training to maintain your athleticism, there’s something here for you. But Polar’s products are more than simply heart rate monitors. They also include a feature called “Smart Coaching,” which helps you make real progress by giving you guidance along the way. It offers you a choice of unique, easy-to-use heart rate-based features, designed specifically for your body and for the training you’re doing. It also gives helpful feedback on your progress, keeping you motivated along the way. Polar also has an online community to help you remain dedicated and committed to your goals. By going to PolarPersonalTrainer.com, you can add more to your workout by planning your training in advance, analyzing your results in detail and sharing all those things with your friends. Feel a little down? Think working out is hopeless? Polar’s site also features inspiration from top athletes using their products, aimed to help keep you going. Newbie. Intermediate. Expert. Whatever you are, Polar’s for you.

LVCC, South Hall 2 – 26307

1111 Marcus Avenue, Suite M15
Lake Success, NY 11042-1034
United States of America
P: (516) 364-0400
F: (516) 364-5454

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