omekGesture-based control is one of the hottest things in tech right now. From video games to televisions to laptops, it seems almost impossible to find an area of tech that doesn’t feature gesture or motion-based control. Who powers that control? Omek does. Omek’s most recent software is Beckon 3.0, which features advanced tools and technology for rapid development of gesture-based interfaces. What that means in simpler terms is that Beckon gives you the power to add gesture-based interfaces to your devices and applications. Want someone to be able to do something with a swipe of their hand? Omek (and Beckon) can help you make it happen. Perhaps there’s no gesture-based applications hotter right now than gesture-based gaming. That’s where Beckon shines. Omek knows how broad the possibilities are once you delve into motion-based gaming; the ability to understand exactly where the user is and how they’re moving their body offers dramatic new possibilities in both existing applications and in wholly new products. Omek wants to help you achieve your new vision, whether it’s in a game, educational application, fitness app, user interface, teleconferencing software or something else entirely. Not only do Omek and Beckon give you the best tools for your goals (which feature the broadest array of cameras, processors, operating systems and development environments) but you’re also given comprehensive technical support and development assistance, to help get you up and running and make sure you get the most out of the tools. Finally, Omek also helps with market development. You’ve got this great new product… how are you going to get it out there to the public? Omek will help you distribute it across the array of platforms it works with. So, get a move on! (Get it? Move? Ah, never mind.)

Omek Interactive
LVH Hospitality, – Suite 22-121

2 Hahar Street
Ganir Center
Industrial Zone Har Tuv A
Bet Shemesh 99067
P: +972-(2) 991 8363
F: +972-(0)7221-55831

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