ipad-announcementWhy does everyone care so much about the non-information that came out regarding the iPad 3 this week? To me, the amount of hype seems disproportionate to what actually happened. I get this feeling a lot when it comes to Apple.

I don’t mean to imply that I don’t understand the significance of Apple’s actions and announcements; they are the biggest tech company in the world and its products have been life altering for millions of people, including myself. I am all for good products that make technology accessible for the technologically challenged.

We should be paying attention to a company that is widely cited as having more money in the bank than the United States government, but why spend so much time speculating about something that we don’t have any information about yet? In this case, all Apple did was send out an email invitation to an event on March 7. Making something out of nothing is a regular habit of the 24-hour news cycle, but I can’t think of another case where consumers eat it up as much as they do as with Apple stories and I’m just not sure I quite understand why.

The silliest part is how disappointed people get when the announcement isn’t what they predicted it would be. Complain they might, but thousands of people will still stand in line for hours to be the first to drop hundreds of dollars on the third iPad, regardless of its features. Apple would have to screw up pretty badly to stop that from happening.

It’s fun to guess about and hope for certain features and I am all for Apple changing the world again. Let’s just wait until they do to obsess about it.

About Jordan Polan-Clarke

Jordan is Shelly's Executive Admin. She has a degree in journalism and started her career as a desk assistant at CBS Network Radio where she learned to be a proper news junkie. In her spare time, you can find her upside down practicing trapeze and right side up at the best comedy shows in Brooklyn. You can reach her on Twitter @jordopc



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