Shelly Palmer Radio Report – December 2, 2010

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The Federal Trade Commission has proposed a new plan to help protect consumers’ personal data online. The proposal includes a Do-Not-Track provision that would allow Internet users to decide whether they give sites and advertisers permission to collect personal data about their online habits. The F.T.C. recognizes that current regulations have not kept up with technology and need to be enhanced. In other news, later this month the FCC will vote on net neutrality rules. Notably, FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski now supports the use of metered-broadband Internet pricing, which he formally opposed. The FCC’s net neutrality proposal has been met with a wide range of reactions from Internet service providers to public interest groups. And I’m being polite and finally, Verizon Wireless is set to offer faster 4G network in 38 cities across the U.S. and, believe it or not at lower prices than current 3G plans. Look for Verizon 4G smartphones early next year.

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