Google Is Getting Into The Car Business

Google Is Getting Into The Car Business
Google has been working on developing a car that drives itself, using software that detects when something is near the car and makes decisions that mimic a human driver. The test car was recently spotted in California. It’s a Toyota Prius that looks like a normal car except for a strange funnel on top and the fact that no one is behind the wheel.

Is the iPad coming to Wal-Mart?
Rumors are circulating that the Apple iPad will be sold in select Wal-Mart stores as early as this week. When the iPad made its debut it was only available from Apple and Best Buy, but has since become available at Target and Amazon. If the rumors are true, distributing the iPad at Wal-Mart will help make the iPad even more mainstream and keep Apple ahead of its tablet competitors.

iPhone: Verizon vs. AT&T
With the iPhone reportedly coming to Verizon in Q1, iPhone customers have some choices to make about which network to choose. While network quality is one of the major influencers when choosing between carriers, users also need to consider the ability to multi-task. When using an iPhone on Verizon’s network users won’t be able to make a call and surf the web simultaneously, which they can do on AT&T’s network.

Social Gaming 2nd Most Popular Activity Online
Social gaming knocked down email as the second-most popular activity online, according to Nielsen. As a result, social gaming has caught the attention of big media companies like News Corp and Viacom who are looking to acquire social gaming companies to reach new audiences and find new revenue streams. Last year, two popular social games, Farmville and Mafia Wars, combined sold $1.6 billion in “virtual goods.”

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