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NBC has a new idea that’s been around since the 50’s. The network will begin involving certain sponsors in show development. One deal will be a two-movie partnership with Liberty Mutual focusing on the excitement of insurance policies, responsibility and doing the right thing. The movies will act as pilots for the network. If picked up, Liberty Mutual will have the right of first refusal to become a partner in the series.

KEVIN MARTIN recommended that the FCC reject a proposal from SKYPE that would open up all wireless networks to third-party devices. Martin said the industry is moving in that direction anyway, citing Verizon’s new open network policy and mobile operator involvement in Google’s Open Handset Alliance. He sees no reason to regulate something he believes is already occurring in the free market.

SAG will begin negotiations with the AMPTP on April 15, before AFTRA negotiations start. Fear of a second strikes looms, especially since SAG was a vocal supporter of the WGA work stoppage. The negotiations will be watched closely.

BLINKX will launch BBTV, a new downloadable player that uses P2P connections to stream video content. The service will begin with a library of 40 independent movies and niche shows on finance, fashion, travel and more. BBTV doesn’t seem to have any major content deals that will make the service overly compelling. There’s a teaching moment here. People don’t watch platforms, they watch content.

FOX and NBC will use JUMPTAP to serve targeted ads on their mobile sites. JumpTap will utilize demographic data and past searches to show relevant ads. The company is racking up some major clients, having already signed carriers Virgin and Boost Mobile for search deals.

CBS will begin a round of major layoffs at owned-and-operated stations around the country.

VERIZON has beefed up its V CAST mobile video service with new content from MTV, CNN, NBC, ABC and more.

APPLE STORES are running out of iPhones causing rumor mongers to suggest that a new 3G iPhone is close at hand.

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