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Video, video, video.  Everyone is shooting, everyone is editing, everyone is encoding — there must be billions of hours of video sitting on shelves and lying around on file servers worldwide.  This plethora of sight, sound and motion presents both an opportunity and a challenge.  Is XML the answer?  How do you meta-tag?  Who has the best digital asset management software?  Who has designed the best graphical user interface (GUI – pronounced goo-ey).


As you can imagine, the answers are different for everyone, because each individual or organization will have different goals – free viewership, paid viewership, b2b, p2p, b2c, etc.?  However, there are many future-thinkers tinkering around with some probable futures of video content aggregation.

Behold Vimeo – a site for organizing and sharing your video clips.  The website in beta-test mode, but it demonstrates a concept.  Is this the way we are going to aggregate this type of video assets in the future?  I have no clue.  But it is an interesting site with an interesting approach to creating a viewer experience.

Soon, your cell phone will be capable of producing several minutes of broadcast-quality video and sending it anywhere in the world when you press the send button.  Right now, the average 14 year old has non-linear editing skills that rival the best work produced by videotape-oriented post-houses a decade ago.  We are about to experience an explosion in available video content (some good, some not so good) that will make the vanity publishing business seem quaint by comparison.  The quest for the killer app of video aggregation is our modern-day Holy Grail.  A tip-of-the-hat to Vimeo for taking on the problem of the modern video age.

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