Xbox One Without Kinect
Prepare to be confused: Despite everything we’ve heard about the Xbox One’s Kinect sensor containing its own onboard processor, so that it doesn’t weigh down the main console with voice- and image-recognition tasks, it’s now clear that the add-on imposes quite a significant burden. Microsoft has confirmed to Eurogamer that after this month’s update (timed Continue Reading →
Ready for an update from the no-surprise department? Microsoft isn’t keen to sell either its Xbox or search businesses. On Tuesday at the CODE Conference Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella indicated that he has no intention to divest Bing, the company’s search property, or Xbox, its gaming and living-room play. This should come as precisely no Continue Reading →
The Xbox One has only been on store shelves for six months, but Microsoft is already taking action to try to close the sales gap held by Sony’s PlayStation 4. Microsoft recently announced that the Xbox One will soon be available without the Kinect camera for $399 – the same price as the PlayStation 4. Continue Reading →
If you have an Xbox Live Gold subscription only to access media apps such as Netflix and Hulu, Microsoft’s recent decision to remove the digital requirement may have left you feeling short-changed. After all, many consumers buy an upfront 12-month subscription to get a discount on the standard monthly fee. To make amends, Microsoft is Continue Reading →
Xbox One Without Kinect
It’s official: Microsoft is scared of the PlayStation 4. Microsoft announced on Tuesday that it will sell the Xbox One without the Kinect for $399, starting on June 9. The price cut levels the playing field and drops the Xbox One’s sticker price to the same level as Sony’s PS4. It also eliminates one of Continue Reading →
Xbox One
Microsoft will start selling its new console, the Xbox One, without the Kinect sensor, eliminating one of the biggest criticisms of the new machine and allowing for a significantly lower cost of entry. The new Kinect-free Xbox One will retail for $399. The console launched last November for $500, $100 more than the rival PlayStation Continue Reading →