Sony has just revised its annual earnings forecast with the addition of a major 180 billion yen (roughly $1.7 billion) “goodwill impairment charge.” This relates to Sony’s Mobile Communications (MC) business, where the company says it had overestimated revenues from smartphones and tablets and has now decided to alter its strategy and accept the loss. Continue Reading →
Sony Xperia Z3
For US fans of Sony smartphones, there will be no wait for the Xperia Z3. Sony confirmed Wednesday at the IFA electronics trade show in Berlin that its flagship smartphone will launch in the US through T-Mobile in the final months of 2014, right around the time it launches elsewhere in the world. It marks Continue Reading →
Sony SmartWatch 3
Sony on Wednesday unveiled the SmartWatch 3, its first device running Android Wear. The GPS-enabled wearable comes with a square 1.6-inch display, 4GB of internal storage and a 420mAh battery. The company’s previous efforts ran on its own platform and, for all intents and purposes, never took off. The software was lacklustre and the poor Continue Reading →
Sony SmartBand Talk
Sony’s SmartBand Talk is what you’d get if you crossed the company’s original SmartBand (released earlier this year) with the excellent Pebble smartwatch. More of a fitness and lifelogging accessory than a full-blown smartwatch, it does however share an E-Ink display in common with the Pebble timepiece. The SmartBand Talk pairs up with an Android Continue Reading →