Amazon Cloud Drive Inc has been given a security clearance by the U.S. government that will make it easier for federal agencies to use its cloud computing services. Amazon Web Services, known as AWS, was certified to operate as a cloud service provider for three years under the government’s new FedRAMP program. The accreditation covers all AWS Continue Reading →
Amazon Cloud Player
As part of its mission to bring its music service “everywhere,” Amazon announced the release of a dedicated Cloud Player app for desktop PCs Monday. The release comes less than a week after Amazon announced iOS compatibility with Ford Sync-enabled vehicles. PC users could already access Cloud Player through their web browsers, but the primary Continue Reading →
Amazon Cloud Drive
Amazon has launched a Cloud Drive Photos app for iOS, letting owners of the iPhone and iPad join Android users in storing their photography on the company’s servers. The app allows users to both upload pictures to their Amazon Cloud account and to browse the photos that are already stored there. Like Apple’s built-in Photo Continue Reading →
Microsoft Office
Adobe announced that it would be discontinuing the boxed versions of its Creative Suite software. The only way to purchase that software from now on will be through a subscription to the company’s Creative Cloud service, which can cost anywhere from $20 a month to $75 a month depending on what software you need and Continue Reading →
Smartphone owners have no shortage of cloud-based safety nets, whether it’s Google’s services, iCloud or any number of file sync providers. Few of these come from the carrier, however, and Verizon is gambling that its now-deploying Verizon Cloud service will serve as a crutch for anyone replacing a phone on its network. The currently Android- Continue Reading →
Microsoft has launched a new campaign to increase awareness around online privacy issues. The company has long been active in the space, working with a range of players across the industry to educate consumers about Internet privacy, but its new campaign is focused on promoting choice and demonstrating how its products can help. “We don’t Continue Reading →