Midjourney Reference Art

Craft your prompt in the style of an all-time great.

Text-to-image generative AI applications (like Midjourney) are incredibly powerful tools that can help you create any image that you’re able to sufficiently prompt.

These applications can create art in the style of nearly any known artist. Below, find reference art for some of the best-known artists. Use these reference images to prompt for art to be created “in the style of _______.”

Salvador Dali

Style: Surrealism
Key Descriptors: Dreamlike, Enigmatic, Melting, Psychedelic, Illusory

Vincent van Gogh

Style: Post-Impressionism
Key Descriptors: Expressive, Movement, Colorful, Symbolic, Enigmatic

Frida Kahlo

Style: Naive Art
Key Descriptors: Surrealist, Raw, Feminist, Emotional, Autobiographical

Henri Matisse

Style: Fauvism
Key Descriptors: Fluid, Playful, Simplistic, Flat, Lyrical

Jean-Michel Basquiat

Style: Graffiti Art
Key Descriptors: Graffiti-inspired, Collage, Deconstructed, Primitivism, Abstract


Style: Street Art
Key Descriptors: Graffiti, Witty, Political, Satirical, Street Art, Subversive

Edvard Munch

Style: Expressionism
Key Descriptors: Dark, Melancholic, Intense, Psychological, Figurative

Gustav Klimt

Style: Art Nouveau
Key Descriptors: Sensual, Decorative, Feminine, Decadent, Whimsical

René Magritte

Style: Surrealism
Key Descriptors: Playful, Illusionistic, Juxtaposition, Conceptual, Dreamlike

Marc Chagall

Style: Modernism
Key Descriptors: Whimsical, Poetic, Symbolic, Playful, Mystical

Wassily Kandinsky

Style: Abstract Art
Key Descriptors: Abstract, Geometric, Musical, Non-representational, Synesthetic

Paul Cézanne

Style: Post-Impressionism
Key Descriptors: Spatial, Form-focused, Structural, Textured, Naturalistic

Amedeo Modigliani

Style: Modernism
Key Descriptors: Expressionistic, Linear, Simplified, Modernist, Romantic

Egon Schiele

Style: Expressionism
Key Descriptors: Psychological, Controversial, Emotive, Raw, Expressionistic, Distorted

Joan Miró

Style: Surrealism
Key Descriptors: Childlike, Whimsical, Abstract, Poetic, Dreamlike

Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec

Style: Post-Impressionism
Key Descriptors: Realistic, Graphic, Post-Impressionistic, Lively, Decadent

Frédéric Bazille

Style: Impressionism
Key Descriptors: Atmospheric, Youthful, Realistic, Naturalistic, Light-filled

Georgia O’Keeffe

Style: American Modernism
Key Descriptors: Simplistic, Feminine, Organic, Floral, Surreal

Mary Cassatt

Style: Impressionism
Key Descriptors: Realistic, Delicate, Family-oriented, Pastel-colored

Willem de Kooning

Style: Abstract Expressionism
Key Descriptors: Gestural, Layered, Feminine, Chaotic, Fluid

Jackson Pollock

Style: Action Painting
Key Descriptors: Chaotic, Large-scale, Fluid, Layered

Mark Rothko

Style: Color Field Painting
Key Descriptors: Meditative, Spiritual, Monochromatic, Simplistic, Ethereal

Robert Rauschenberg

Style: Neo-Dada
Key Descriptors: Collage, Found objects, Layered, Conceptual

Roy Lichtenstein

Style: Pop Art
Key Descriptors: Comic book-inspired, Satirical, Irony, Parody

Claes Oldenburg

Style: Pop Art
Key Descriptors: Oversized, Humorous, Monumental, Satirical, Whimsical

Tom Wesselmann

Style: Pop Art
Key Descriptors: Figurative, Graphic, Nudes, Colorful

Jim Dine

Style: Pop Art
Key Descriptors: Assemblage, Everyday objects, Graphic, Expressive

Ed Ruscha

Style: Pop Art
Key Descriptors: Americana, Cinematic, Commercialism, Satirical, Minimalism

David Hockney

Style: Pop Art
Key Descriptors: Figurative, Graphic, Collage, Landscapes, Portraits

Jasper Johns

Style: Neo-Dada
Key Descriptors: Abstract, Texture, Monochromatic, Encaustic

Robert Indiana

Style: Pop Art
Key Descriptors: Americana, Minimalism, Graphic, Conceptual

Richard Hamilton

Style: Pop Art
Key Descriptors: Political, Critique, Collage, Consumerism

Yoko Ono

Style: Fluxus
Key Descriptors: Interactive, Feminist, Avant-garde, Zen, Collaborative

Niki de Saint Phalle

Style: Naive Art
Key Descriptors: Feminine, Mythical, Vibrant, Sculpture, Playful

Keith Haring

Style: Graffiti Art
Key Descriptors: Movement, Pop, Socially Conscious, Cartoonish

Jean Dubuffet

Style: Art Brut
Key Descriptors: Childlike, Eccentric, Primitivistic, Abstract, Vibrant

Max Ernst

Style: Surrealism
Key Descriptors: Fantastical, Bizarre, Collage, Dark, Subversive

Paul Klee

Style: Expressionism
Key Descriptors: Whimsical, Musical, Poetic, Abstract

James Rosenquist

Style: Pop Art
Key Descriptors: Collage, Surreal, Large-scale, Fragmented

Daniel Arsham

Style: Architectural Art
Key Descriptors: Surreal, Mystical, Eroded, Futuristic, Interactive

Liu Bolin

Style: Invisible Art
Key Descriptors: Protest, Performance, Political, Surreal

Ai Weiwei

Style: Political Art
Key Descriptors: Provocative, Iconoclastic, Contemporary, Reflective

Jenny Holzer

Style: Conceptual Art
Key Descriptors: Installation, Feminism, Power, Political, Light

Robert Mapplethorpe

Style: Fine Art Photography
Key Descriptors: Controversial, Intimate, Sculptural, Classical

Cindy Sherman

Style: Conceptual Photography
Key Descriptors: Feminism, Subversive, Satirical, Ambiguous

Richard Avedon

Style: Fashion Photography
Key Descriptors: Emotional, Evocative, Candid, Expressive, Striking

Helmut Newton

Style: Fashion Photography
Key Descriptors: Bold, Empowering, Narrative, Sensual

Diane Arbus

Style: Fine Art Photography
Key Descriptors: Candid, Humanistic,Challenging, Subversive, Documentary

Ansel Adams

Style: Landscape Photography
Key Descriptors: Pristine, Dramatic, Precision, Contrast

Henri Cartier-Bresson

Style: Street Photography
Key Descriptors: Candid, Humanism, Documentary, Composition, Gestures

Edward Weston

Style: Landscape Photography
Key Descriptors: Natural, Texture, Modernist, Abstraction, Stillness

Dorothea Lange

Style: Documentary Photography
Key Descriptors: Social justice, Resilience, Human condition, Authentic

Robert Frank

Style: Street Photography
Key Descriptors: Candid, Intimate, Emotive, Poetic

Man Ray

Style: Surrealist Photography
Key Descriptors: Experimental, Photograms, Abstract, Symbolic

Irvin Penn

Style: Fashion Photography
Key Descriptors: Elegant, Minimalist, Composition, Detail, Light

Julia Margaret Cameron

Style: Portrait Photography
Key Descriptors: Ethereal, Romantic, Symbolic, Feminine

Alfred Stieglitz

Style: Landscape Photography
Key Descriptors: Modernist, Abstract, Intimate, Urban, Natural

Lee Friedlander

Style: Street Photography
Key Descriptors: Composition, Reflective, Candid, Everyday life, Playful


Style: Street Photography
Key Descriptors: Shadows, Atmosphere, Surreal, Gritty, Urban

Walker Evans

Style: Documentary Photography
Key Descriptors: Realism, Poetic, Social critique, Vernacular, Detail

Thomas Struth

Style: Landscape Photography
Key Descriptors: Large-scale, Precision, Contemporary, Symmetry, Meditative

Paul Strand

Style: Landscape Photography
Key Descriptors: Abstraction, Texture, Stillness, Clarity, Light

Ralph Gibson

Style: Fine Art Photography
Key Descriptors: Minimalist, Abstraction, Shadows, Narrative, Contrast

Nan Goldin

Style: Fine Art Photography
Key Descriptors: Intimate, Raw, Emotion, Realism, Relationships

Garry Winogrand

Style: Street Photography
Key Descriptors: Spontaneity, Decisive moments, Chaos, Observational, Witty

Akira Toriyama

Style: Dragon Ball
Key Descriptors: Dynamic, Action, Humor, Fantasy, Expressive

Hayao Miyazaki

Style: Studio Ghibli
Key Descriptors: Whimsical, Imaginative, Ethereal, Natural

Katsuhiro Otomo

Style: Akira
Key Descriptors: Cyberpunk, Futuristic, Dystopian, Intricate, Political

Mamoru Oshii

Style: Ghost in the Shell
Key Descriptors: Philosophical, Atmospheric, Symbolic, Moody, Complex

Yoshitaka Amano

Style: Final Fantasy
Key Descriptors: Ethereal, Fantastical, Dreamlike, Romantic, Fluid

Masashi Kishimoto

Style: Naruto
Key Descriptors: Dynamic, Action-packed, Detailed, Expressive

Osamu Tezuka

Style: Astro Boy
Key Descriptors: Versatile, Expressive, Playful, Depth

Takeshi Obata

Style: Death Note
Key Descriptors: Realistic, Intricate, Cinematic, Expressive, Dark

Kentaro Miura

Style: Berserk
Key Descriptors: Gritty, Dark, Intense, Fantastical, Violent, Atmospheric

Rumiko Takahashi

Style: Inuyasha
Key Descriptors: Playful, Quirky, Expressive, Romantic, Supernatural

Eiichiro Oda

Style: One Piece
Key Descriptors: Vibrant, Inventive, Whimsical, Action-packed, Imaginative

Naoko Takeuchi

Style: Sailor Moon
Key Descriptors: Magical, Elegant, Feminine, Dreamy, Intricate

Tite Kubo

Style: Bleach
Key Descriptors: Intricate, Dynamic, Gothic, Expressive, Dark

Kunihiko Ikuhara

Style: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Key Descriptors: Surreal, Symbolic, Abstract, Subversive, Allegorical

Go Nagai

Style: Mazinger Z
Key Descriptors: Bold, Edgy, Action-packed, Dramatic, Provocative, Playful

Shuichi Shigeno

Style: Initial D
Key Descriptors: Gritty, Intense, Action-packed, Realistic, Dramatic

Kōji Morimoto

Style: Robot Carnival
Key Descriptors: Experimental, Surreal, Abstract, Atmospheric, Poetic

Satoshi Kon

Style: Paprika
Key Descriptors: Psychological, Unconventional, Cinematic, Intricate

Hiroyuki Imaishi

Style: Gurren Lagann
Key Descriptors: Energetic, Bold, Vibrant, Explosive, Playful

Tatsuya Ishihara

Style: Clannad
Key Descriptors: Whimsical, Charming, Delicate, Emotional, Expressive

Masaaki Yuasa

Style: Mind Game
Key Descriptors: Bold, Experimental, Vibrant, Surreal, Imaginative

Kenichi Sonoda

Style: Gunsmith Cats
Key Descriptors: Dynamic, Action-packed, Futuristic, Edgy, Retro

Isao Takahata

Style: Grave of the Fireflies
Key Descriptors: Heartfelt, Thoughtful, Delicate, Realistic, Reflective

Mamoru Hosoda

Style: The Girl Who Leapt Through Time
Key Descriptors: Whimsical, Imaginative, Spirited, Thought-provoking

Hideaki Anno

Style: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Key Descriptors: Introspective, Complex, Evocative, Cathartic

Seiji Kishi

Style: Angel Beats!
Key Descriptors: Energetic, Colorful, Comedic, Quirky, Whimsical

Keiichi Hara

Style: Miss Hokusai
Key Descriptors: Poetic, Tender, Magical, Emotive, Serene, Evocative

Kazuya Tsurumaki

Style: FLCL
Key Descriptors: Bold, Eccentric, Whimsical, Playful, Avant-garde, Colorful

Sayo Yamamoto

Style: Yuri!!! on Ice
Key Descriptors: Edgy, Dynamic, Cinematic, Intense, Provocative

Makoto Shinkai

Style: Your Name
Key Descriptors: Serene, Romantic, Dreamlike, Melancholic, Emotional

Takashi Okazaki

Style: Afro Samurai
Key Descriptors: Bold, Action-packed, Edgy, Detailed, Vibrant, Graphic

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto

Style: Neon Genesis Evangelion
Key Descriptors: Evocative, Detailed, Emotional, Realistic, Intimate

Akitaro Daichi

Style: Fruits Basket
Key Descriptors: Lively, Quirky, Expressive, Playful, Vibrant

Hiroyuki Okiura

Style: Jin-Roh
Key Descriptors: Evocative, Meticulous, Emotional, Realistic, Intense

Kenji Kamiyama

Style: Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
Key Descriptors: Intellectual, Cyberpunk, Philosophical, Complex

Yoshiyuki Tomino

Style: Mobile Suit Gundam
Key Descriptors: Striking, Whimsical, Playful, Fluid, Vibrant

Tetsuro Amino

Style: Macross Plus
Key Descriptors: Atmospheric, Meticulous, Serene, Ethereal, Mystical

Sunao Katabuchi

Style: In This Corner of the World
Key Descriptors: Emotional, Poignant, Intimate, Evocative, Reflective