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Adobe has launched Firefly for Enterprise, a platform that enables users to generate images or copy from text-based descriptions. Accessible via either the standalone Firefly application, Adobe's Creative Cloud, or Adobe Express, the AI model can be trained with branded company assets to maintain brand consistency in content generation. Continue Reading →
Automattic, the company behind, has introduced a new AI tool: the Jetpack AI Assistant. This plug-in is designed to generate and edit text, offering capabilities such as summarizing blog posts into headlines, adjusting the tone of text, and generating entire blog posts from a single prompt. Continue Reading →
You've probably read about the "existential threat" posed by Artificial General Intelligence (AGI). It's a dark future where super-intelligent machines outsmart us and cause humanity to go extinct. We may be mesmerized by this high-stakes narrative, but we’re also being misled. The real threats of AI are already here, lurking in our everyday digital experiences. While tech titans and the media tout a dystopian AI future, they’re drawing our attention away from the AI and related data privacy issues we need to solve right now. Continue Reading →
There's a news story (that will not go away) about a simulated "killer" drone that turns on its operator. You can read about it here. The short answer is that the drone was inadvertently programmed to optimize for an unexpected or unwanted result. Continue Reading →
Keiko Nagaoka, Japanese minister of education, culture, sports, science and technology has reaffirmed that it is legal to use the copyrighted work for information analysis regardless of the method, regardless of the content -- basically reaffirming that copyright will not be enforced on data used in AI training. Continue Reading →
I just watched a piece on the Today Show about the "existential threat" of AI. It made me furious! Then, I realized that the people doing the piece (including the show's tech reporter) know nothing about AI; they're just reporting on the information they are seeing from fear mongers and the AI industry itself. Continue Reading →
The Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP) is asking for your help. The Biden-Harris Administration is developing a National Artificial Intelligence (AI) Strategy that will chart a path for the United States to harness the benefits and mitigate the risks of AI. To inform this strategy, OSTP requests public comments to help update U.S. national priorities and future actions on AI. Continue Reading →
Google has thrown open the doors, albeit cautiously, to its new experiment: Search Labs. This venture is a crucible for testing features that could redefine how we engage with search engines​​. Continue Reading →

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