Case Study: DTC Strategy

Hard Goods Manufacturing

A major manufacturer in the home industry was seeking a way to complement its “analog” manufacturing and distribution business by exploring direct-to-consumer (DTC) business opportunities.

Client Challenges

To start to engage directly with consumers, the manufacturer had to analyze and evaluate:

  • The marketing and branding strategies of its product lines.
  • Its well-oiled distribution and logistics service.
  • An under-utilized consumer data-gathering system.
  • Post-sale customer care service.

The Palmer Group Solution

To identify the new business opportunity in the broader home remodeling market, The Palmer Group:

  • Performed a competitive market analysis of analog and digital competition.
  • Analyzed the typical consumer experience in the space, and mapped a new consumer journey incorporating digital tools and benchmarks.
  • Identified an under-exploited digital white space in the home industry.
  • Identified three company divisions that could benefit from this new consumer plan.


The company is actively pursuing the new business area for consumers as well as three additional business applications for existing divisions in the company.