Brand NFT Quests

Legacy brands using NFTs and Web3 quests for audience development and fan engagement.

3LAU’s Ultraviolet NFT Auction

Justin David Blau, better known by his stage name 3LAU, is an American DJ and electronic dance music producer. In March 2021, 3LAU marked the three-year anniversary of his Ultraviolet album by certifying certain digital rights and one-of-a-kind ownership via NFTs. In the three-day auction, he earned approximately $11 million.

The top bidder received an NFT redeemable for a custom-created song by 3LAU (with collaboration by the bidder) and access to unreleased music. Platinum and Gold winners got access to exclusive 3LAU content, including unreleased music playable with a custom player on All auction winners also received a bonus limited physical edition vinyl, signed by 3LAU.

3LAU was an early crypto adopter. To date, he and his Art Director slimesunday have sold more than $1.1 million in primary sales and generated $3.2 million in secondary sales from their NFT releases. He’s been an open advocate for tokenizing music and building the investable layer of music on blockchain technology. CoinTelegraph named him its 93rd most Notable Person in blockchain for 2021.

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Budverse x FIFA World Cup™ 2022

Budweiser is teaming up with the FIFA World Cup with the Budverse x FIFA World Cup™ Live Scoreboard NFT. Bud says each mint includes an exclusive Budweiser Football merch kit, which you can redeem after purchase, and touts this as the “first-ever NFT where you can see your team’s progression to greatness in real-time.” You can show your support for your favorite team and be entered to win the “Ultimate Grand Prize” — the FIFA World Cup™ 360 Experience, which includes Finals match tickets. Other benefits include an exclusive merch kid, access to a holders-only Discord channel, and mini-games.

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Budweiser x ZED

ZED is a “provably fair digital horse racing game” built on blockchain tech. ZED wants you to “create a legacy by building a star-studded stable of winning racehorses.”

Budweiser plans to release in-game horse skins (designs) based on its Clydesdale mascots, as well as a Budweiser-themed race track in the game. Budweiser will also collaborate on in-game challenges, with $185,000 in total prize money committed, plus exclusive co-branded merchandise.

The partnership follows through on a separate roadmap that outlined Budweiser’s strategy for its branded metaverse, called the “Budverse.” Sibling brewer Stella Artois previously partnered with Zed Run on an NFT collection last June.

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Burberry x Minecraft

British luxury fashion house Burberry has teamed up with Minecraft for a “fastpaced journey into the unknown.” Players who sign up will be able to download 15 unique skins (based on “fashion, fantasy, and adventure”) and will also be able to purchase Burberry’s capsule collection 24 hours early.

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CBS x Decentraland x CreativeDepartmint: “Ghosts”

Ghosts is an American television sitcom adapted from the British series of the same name, airing on CBS. This new “Ghosts Metaverse experience” takes fans on an immersive journey through the Woodstone mansion to solve puzzles, undertake quests and earn limited edition, collectible NFTs celebrating the show’s first season.

The metaverse mansion was recreated with actual blueprints and features surprising interactions with the show’s main characters. (The show’s stars were deeply involved, contributing voice interactions, games, quests, and puzzles.)

1,100 tokens are available for each character with varying degrees of rarity, giving fans the opportunity to own a piece of the comedy’s history on a blockchain network that champions unrivaled user experience and rapid speeds.

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Deadmau5 X Pixelynx

Deadmau5 x Pixelynx

Pixelynx, a Web3 startup co-founded by electronic music icons Joel “Deadmau5” Zimmerman and Richie Hawtin, has launched the Elynxir music metaverse gaming platform, kicking things off with an AR scavenger hunt called “Go Astral,” set throughout Miami Beach and premiering alongside Art Basel. Described as “Rock Band meets Pokémon Go,” the Elynxir app layers digital content atop real-world surroundings, letting users interact with music-themed items in the world.

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GameStop x “Gods Unchained”

GameStop, which has sought to push into NFTs and crypto, rewarded its loyalty members with trading cards for the blockchain-based game “Gods Unchained.” The card are purchasable in GameStop’s NFT marketplace.

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Gap’s “Gap Logo Remix”

Gap has dabbled in multiple NFT projects. Its most recent, “Gap Logo Remix,” is a logo redesign contest for its fall campaign. Artists are invited to create a unique Gap logo, after which customers will vote on three winners. These designs will be minted as NFTs and embroidered on physical hoodies that will be sold on the brand’s website.

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Gucci x Roblox

Described by Gucci as “a digital destination on Roblox dedicated to those seeking the unexpected”, Gucci Town offers a series of experiences including mini-games, art exhibitions, and shopping for digital Gucci items to customize Roblox avatars.

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Johnnie Walker x Vayner3

Johnnie Walker released 75 NFTs tied to its limited-edition “Ghost and Rare” series. Patrons can visit BlockBar to buy the $775 tokens, which will include a digital bottle redeemable for one physical bottle, a piece of art by generative AI artist Ivona Tau and exclusive access to a virtual storytelling experience from Tau and master blender Emma Walker. To redeem the physical bottle, you must burn the NFT, which also grants priority access to the next BlockBar drop from Diageo, Johnnie Walker’s parent company.

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“Krapopolis,” the upcoming Fox series that incorporates Web3 in its storytelling, has unveiled its first official line of NFTs: “Krap Chickens.” Those who purchase the NFTs get access to exclusive content and screenings of “Krapopolis” content, merchandise, the show’s Discord channel, meet-and-greet events, first looks at upcoming NFT collections, and the ability to vote on polls that will affect the show’s story.

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Lavazza x Roblox

Lavazza teamed up with Roblox for the Lavazza Arena. The partnership isan effort to support native communities in Peru by preventing and repairing the effects of deforestation by planting trees and encouraging reforestation. Lavazza is using its metaverse presence to generate money with game purchases, general exposure, and partnerships. Users can play football with other players as they reforest the field, unlock “amazing power-ups,” and learn about the Lavazza Foundation’s commitment.

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Louis Vuitton x Wenew Labs, Mike Winkelmann, and Beeple

In celebration of Louis Vuitton’s bicentennial birthday in 2021, the luxury brand launched the Louis Vuitton NFT game called Louis: The Game, which has scored more than 2 million downloads. Vivienne, the avatar in the Louis: The Game, will help you get to know Louis Vuitton, the brand. Players get the chance to help Vivienne on her quest while collecting NFT postcards and traveling to different locations in cities like Paris and London.

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M&Ms x Kingship (Bored Ape Yacht Club)

M&M’s partnered with Kingship (a music supergroup made of Bored Apes) for a limited edition release. Mars released 4,000 physical collectible boxes, 100 packaged in a white and gold foil gift box, as well as 6,000 gift jars of the candies. Both the boxes and the jars will include actual candies with Bored Ape silhouettes printed on them. Kingship had previously listed M&Ms on the band’s rider.

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NFL Rivals (via Mythical Games)

The NFL is creating a blockchain-based video game that will allow players to own, collect, and trade NFTs. Fans will compete as general managers (GMs) to assemble rosters, develop lineups, and play against other GMs, plus collect NFTs of their favorite players. These NFTs offer access to special events, in-game rewards, and more.

NFL Rivals will launch on the Mythical Platform in early 2023. Ahead of the launch, 32 “limited-quantity collections” of generative 3D NFL franchise-themed NFTs will be released in a series of drops called “Rarity League.” This officially licensed collection will provide owners access to special events, in-game rewards and other unique features.

Fans can either join the Discord or learn more at the NFL Rivals website.

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SpaceSwap’s “NFT Mania”

NFT Mania, SpaceSwap’s first NFT quest (with a prize fund of over $135,000 and NFTs as rewards) asks users to complete a set of riddles to get to the prizes and explore the story of digital art along the way. SpaceSwap wants to shift the focus back to the artists and what they want to express through their works, which is why users must complete tasks to uncover the meaning hidden within the art pieces – the story behind how they were created or what inspired the artist.

Three locked chests store the prizes: one with $20,000 in crypto in USDT and NFT cards, one worth $45,000, and one with more than $70,000 in crypto and NFT cards.

To restore each chest, users will need to solve riddles using answers hidden inside pictures and videos, spread across social media and the NFT Mania site. It takes 14 days and 12 riddles to open a chest, each answer being a word from the seed phrase. Alongside those quests are a number of smaller side quests, solvable in a single day.

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Starbucks Odyssey

To engage with the Starbucks Odyssey experience, Starbucks Rewards members will log in to the web app using their existing loyalty program credentials. Once there, they’ll be able to engage with various activities, which Starbucks called “journeys,” which include interactive games and challenges designed to deepen customers’ knowledge of the Starbucks brand (or coffee in general). As they complete these journeys, members can collect early digital collectibles in the form of NFTs.

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Tiffany & Co. x CryptoPunks

Tiffany & Co. sold physical pendants for holders of CryptoPunks NFTs. The 250 pendants were specifically designed to match the holder’s NFT, and were paired with an “NFTiff” of the pendant to go with its physical counterpart. The pairing was sold for 30 ETH (~$50,000 at the time of the auction).

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Twisted Tea

For more than 15 years, Twisted Tea featured photos of fans on the back of every can and bottle. Now, it’s tying that tradition into NFTs. Fans could submit their photo and tell the brand why they deserve to be on a label for a chance to win a Twisted Tea NFT. The NFT can be held, sold, and purchased without needing a crypto wallet. At the end of the contest, one winner was chosen to be featured on 100 million cans. The winner could also auction the NFT off to the highest bidder, allowing the new NFT owner the opportunity to also have their photo on a Twisted Tea back label.

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