CES 2017

The Best of CES 2017

Want to bring the Best of CES® 2017 home to your organization?

We’ll bring the ShellyPalmer Best of CES Roadshow to you!

Available in 2 hour and 4 hour formats, our senior advisors will do a virtual tour of CES crafted specifically for your needs.

Book a ShellyPalmer Best of CES Roadshow!

The ShellyPalmer Best of CES Roadshow offers deep insights into consumer behavior and industry trends. It will help you identify and understand key technologies and services on display at CES this year, differentiate the offerings, and create action items and strategic take-aways you can use to move your business forward.

Contact: Alexis Palmer Zinberg at +1 212-532-3880 or fill in the form below for details: