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If you voted by mail, you can Google “check ballot status.” Google is doing a pretty good job of surfacing the correct local links to this query. There is no central voter database, so I put the links for every state I could find here. If you have better info, please email it to and we’ll update this list. Thank you!


You can check the status of your absentee ballot online. If you have further questions, contact your local election office.


Track your absentee ballot status at


The Grand Canyon State offers both absentee and provisional ballot tracking at, and some counties go a step further. In Maricopa County, for example, you can sign up for text updates on your mail-in ballot.


View ballot status by entering your name and date of birth at the Arkansas elections website.


You can look up your mail-in ballot status and also sign up to get text or email notifications as information is updated.


Colorado offers status updates and alerts for mail-in ballots.


See if and when your absentee ballot was received.


The state offers look-up service for both absentee and provisional ballots.

District of Columbia

In D.C., you can check your absentee ballot status online. 


The Sunshine State offers tracking for mail-in ballots. For help with provisional ballots, contact your local elections office.


Both absentee and provisional ballots can be tracked at the state’s “My Voter Page.”


Residents can head to to see if their mail-in vote was received.


Enter your info in Idaho’s voter record tool to check your mail-in ballot status.


Although some counties use mail-in ballot tracking software (Cook County has portals for both suburban residents and those in the city of Chicago), Illinois offers statewide tracking only for provisional ballots. Check your local election authority for absentee ballot tracking information.


Check if your ballot was received and counted with Indiana’s “My Voter Portal.”


Absentee ballot tracking is available for the entire state. Contact your county auditor for questions about provisional ballots.


Kansas offers tracking for mail-in ballots.


Nervous about your absentee ballot? Check its status with a statewide tool.


The state’s “Geaux Vote” portal offers tracking information for mail-in ballots.


The Pine Tree State has a statewide tool for tracking absentee ballots.


You can check the status of your mail-in or provisional ballot. Provisional ballot status will be made available 10 days after the election.


Find out if your mail-in vote was rejected or accepted at You can check if a provisional ballot was counted by calling 1-800-462-VOTE after Election Day.


You can track the status of your absentee ballot. For provisional ballots, Michigan recommends contacting your city or township clerk’s office.


You can see if your mail-in ballot was received and counted. Minnesota, one of the few states with same-day voter registration, is not required to offer provisional ballots.


Mississippi does not use statewide ballot tracking software. If you have doubts about your vote counting, contact your county election official.


Although some jurisdictions offer tracking for mail-in ballots, including the city of St. Louis and Calhoun County, Missouri does not have statewide ballot tracking.


Track your mail-in ballot status at


Nebraska offers mail-in ballot status in its voter information tool.


The state’s Ballottrax site provides tracking information and the opportunity to sign up for text or email alerts when your mail-in ballot is received and counted. Provisional ballot status will be made available eight days after Election Day and remain available for 30 days. Call (877) 766-8683 to find out your provisional ballot status, according to Nevada’s explainer.

New Hampshire

You can find out when your ballot was received from the clerk’s office.

New Jersey

For the presidential election, in-person votes will be cast by provisional ballot. “All voters can call 1-877-NJVOTER after the election to find out whether their vote by mail or provisional ballot was counted or the reason it was rejected,” the state’s voter information portal explains. You can check the status of mail-in and drop-off ballots here.

New Mexico

Absentee ballot tracking is available.

New York

The state of New York doesn’t offer absentee ballot tracking, but New York City and Albany County do. Check your county’s election office.

North Carolina

There’s one system for checking absentee ballot status and another for viewing provisional ballot status.

North Dakota

Mail-in ballots can be tracked at a statewide portal.


Ohio offers statewide tracking for mail-in ballots.


Check the status of absentee ballots at


Oregon mails a ballot to every registered voter. They can be tracked at the state’s “My Vote Now” site.


Pennsylvania will be the first and only state to disqualify mail-in ballots that aren’t enclosed in a second secrecy envelope ― and the state initially offered no chance for voters to fix that rejection. Now, voters who returned one of these so-called “naked ballots” will be able to vote a provisional ballot on Election Day, the secretary of state’s office told HuffPost. Pennsylvania offers tracking for mail-in ballots, but there are some quirks you should know about as the system is old and relies on confusing language.

Rhode Island

Check the status of your mail-in ballot at

South Carolina

You can track to see if your absentee ballot has been received, but the state reportedly has no plans to display whether that vote was accepted.

South Dakota

South Dakota’s tracking website will show the date an absentee ballot was received, but not if it was accepted or rejected, the state told HuffPost.


Mail-in ballots can be tracked in Tennessee.


Ballot tracking is only available for voters who live overseas or serve in the military.


The state says people whose votes are rejected will be contacted with instructions on how to fix the problem, but voters can also check the status of both mail-in and provisional ballots at


Check the status of your mail-in ballot at


Head to to track a mail-in vote.


Enter your name and birthdate at the state’s voter information portal and you can see if your ballot reached its destination.

West Virginia

In the Mountain State, you can track the status of both absentee and provisional ballots.


Voters in Wisconsin can view their election history and track absentee ballots.


Contact your county clerk for information,” says the website of the Wyoming Secretary of State. The state does publish a single list tracking the ballot status of military and overseas voters, listed by voter ID number.

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