Who has the power to change the world today?

1,000 years ago it was only the kings and queens.

100 years ago, it was the industrialists — people like Henry Ford, Andrew Carnegie and John Rockefeller.

Now, it’s all of us.

A new book by Peter H. Diamandis and Steven Kotler called BOLD: How to Go Big, Create Wealth and Impact the World shows us how. BOLD is both a manifesto and a manual, a highly practical playbook that arms today’s entrepreneurs, activists and leaders with the tools they’ll need to positively impact the lives of billions while making their biggest dreams come true.

President Clinton says about the book, “BOLD is a visionary roadmap for people who believe they can change the world—and offers invaluable advice about bringing together the partners and technologies to help them do it.”

BOLD unfolds in three parts:

  • Part One focuses on exponential technologies such as 3D printing, artificial intelligence, robotics, networks and sensors, and synthetic biology. These are the technologies which are disrupting today’s Fortune 500 companies, enabling upstart entrepreneurs to go from ‘I’ve got an idea’ to ‘I run a billion-dollar company’ far faster than ever before.
  • Part Two of the book focuses on the Psychology of Bold—the mental toolkit that allows the world’s top innovators to raise their game by thinking at scale, including detailed interviews with and lessons from Larry Page, Elon Musk, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos. Also in Part Two, Kotler reveals the keys to ultimate human performance garnered from fifteen years of research with the Flow Genome Project and Diamandis reveals his entrepreneurial secrets learned from building fifteen companies, including such audacious ventures as Singularity University, the XPRIZE, Planetary Resources (for the mining of near-Earth Asteroids) and Human Longevity, Inc. (focused on extending the healthy human life-span).
  • Finally, BOLD closes with a look at the incredible power and essential best practices that allow anyone to leverage today’s hyper-connected crowd like never before. Here, Diamandis and Kotler teach how to design and use incentive competitions to find breakthrough solutions, how to launch million-dollar crowdfunding campaigns to tap into tens of billions of dollars of available capital, and finally how to build communities – armies of exponentially enabled individuals willing and able to help today’s entrepreneurs make their boldest visions a reality.

The Book has just gone on Pre-Sale and Diamandis is offering a number of unique benefits if you buy the book now, before it hits the stands on February 3rd.

You can get a number of free Training videos, and special bonuses.

If you’re not convinced yet, here’s what some of today’s top CEOs and Technologists have to say about BOLD.

  • Abundance showed us where our world can be in 20 years.  BOLD is a roadmap for entrepreneurs to help us get there.”  – Eric Schmidt, Executive Chairman, Google
  • “In BOLD, Diamandis and Kotler have written another dazzler. A riveting look inside the world of exponential entrepreneurship—action-packed and action-oriented. I’ve purchased a copy for my entire team at Cisco.”  – Padmasree Warrior, CTO & Chief Strategy Office, CISCO
  • “If you read one business book in the twenty-first century, this should be the one.  When Peter and I cofounded Singularity University, we based it on the ideas of exponential change and ‘learn by doing.’  This book clearly explains how to apply these concepts to change the world and overcome the age old afflictions of human civilization.” – Ray Kurzweil, inventor, author, a director of engineering at Google, Chancellor of Singularity University
  • “I loved Peter Diamandis’ and Steven Kotler’s book Abundance, their writing and their Vision.  BOLD is an amazing sequel, a book that every entrepreneur should read.  It is inspiring, filled with incredible insights and offers a practical how-to game plan for going big and impacting the world.”  – Michael Dell, CEO, Dell Computers

Dr. Peter H. Diamandis is an international pioneer in the fields of innovation, incentive competitions and commercial space. In the field of Innovation, Diamandis is Chairman and CEO of the X PRIZE Foundation, best known for its $10 million Ansari X PRIZE for private spaceflight. Today the X PRIZE leads the world in designing and operating large-scale global competitions to solve market failures.

About Shelly Palmer

Shelly Palmer is the Professor of Advanced Media in Residence at Syracuse University’s S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications and CEO of The Palmer Group, a consulting practice that helps Fortune 500 companies with technology, media and marketing. Named LinkedIn’s “Top Voice in Technology,” he covers tech and business for Good Day New York, is a regular commentator on CNN and writes a popular daily business blog. He's a bestselling author, and the creator of the popular, free online course, Generative AI for Execs. Follow @shellypalmer or visit shellypalmer.com.



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