How much technology can you fit into a 0.8-millimeter-thick credit card? Last November, Coin offered a first taste of what was possible. The device promised to digitally hold eight credit or debit cards and let you choose between them at will. You could swipe Coin in any conventional card reader, and it would notify you if it had been lost or stolen using Bluetooth. Coin would have a two-year battery life, and a companion app that could hold your coupons and ID cards. But Coin still hasn’t shipped. Today, we’re getting a second take at the “card tech” category with Plastc, which manages to bundle twice as many features into the same svelte form factor. Like Coin, Plastc syncs with your phone using Bluetooth. It lets you swipe between 20 cards or barcodes using an E-ink touchscreen, and offers NFC (like the iPhone 6) for contactless transactions, an EMV “chip” for the latest card readers, and RFID so you can replace your office building’s ID card. Even if you don’t know all the acronyms by heart, Plastc already sounds impressive. But there’s more.

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