Tilt My Blinds Makes Your Dumb Blinds Smarter

Tilt My Blinds

Tilt My Blinds

Tilt My Blinds, which is currently on track to be successfully crowd funded on Kickstarter, offers a clever way to get in on the home automation action by letting you control your blinds’ ’tilt’ mechanism via a smartphone app, dedicated wall switch, or its own built-in light sensor. No longer will you need to get up, walk across the room and awkwardly reach for the cord to let in light in the morning or to shutter the blinds for privacy or to watch a movie. Instead, the process can be automated or controlled from the convenience of your smartphone. There’s an obvious accessibility advantage, too. Of course, automated blinds have been the stuff of home automation systems for years, but, like many of the newer breed of smart home products currently hitting the market, Tilt My Blinds prides itself on taking a small pieces, loosely joined approach, in the sense that its gizmo is designed to be retrofitted — in 15 minutes or less — to your existing venetian blinds, not part of some expensive monolithic home automation system.

Read the full story at TechCrunch.

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