T-Mobile Personal CellSpot

When it comes to sell service, not all homes are created equal. Whether your service is spotty or you have rooms that don’t get cell signal at all, dropping calls is never a pleasant experience.

T-Mobile is looking to improve its call quality, and starting on Wednesday, the T-Mobile Personal CellSpot router is available. The router aims to help the 57 percent of American wireless users who report frequently dropped calls in and around their homes. Available for every qualifying Simple Choice customer with a high-speed broadband connection and a Wi-Fi calling capable smartphone, T-Mobile’s new router is like having a personal T-Mobile tower in your home (or on the go!).  You’ll have a “full-bars” T-Mobile experience, complete with HD voice calling over Wi-Fi.

To get one of these routers, head into a T-Mobile store or call T-Mobile’s Care line to get a Personal CellSpot sent to them for no extra charge — all it takes is a refundable $25 deposit.

(Also, T-Mobile is extending coverage to the skies with free in-flight texting, picture messaging and visual voicemail on more than 2,000 commercial aircraft in the U.S. operating with GoGo in-flight Wi-Fi.)

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