Dyson Eye 360

Dyson Eye 360

There have been all kinds of gimmicks to help your robot vacuum clean every inch of your home without requiring you to steer it around. But Dyson, while late to the robo-vac party, might have unsurprisingly come up with the best one yet. Its Eye 360 includes an all-seeing 360 degree camera that knows where it’s been where it needs to go, and what obstacles it should avoid. Assisted by a set of infra-red sensors, the 360-degree camera snaps 30 frames per second to create a detailed floor plan of an entire room at once. This not only allows the vacuum to plan the most efficient cleaning route to maximize its half-hour battery, it also lets the bot know its exact position at all times to within just a few millimeters so it won’t waste time going over the same area twice.

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