Apple Pay and McDonald's

McDonald’s was one of Apple’s big-name partners when the iPhone maker announced the launch of its mobile payments system, Apple Pay. But when Apple said the partnership would allow McDonald’s customers to pay with their iPhones at the drive-through, I was a bit stumped about how that would happen in a way that actually made things easier. Would a payment terminal that accepts tap-to-pay purchases be affixed to the wall next to every McDonald’s drive-up window? Would drivers have to get out of their cars? In an interview last week, McDonald’s Chief Digital Officer Atif Rafiq helped clear things up a bit. He talked in generalities for a bit, about how McDonald’s strived to make the experience “seamless.” When I pressed Rafiq for specifics, he mentioned something about a “pedestal” being extended out to the driver, but I still didn’t quite grasp it, so I asked for a photo.

Read the full story at re/code.

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