Jennifer Lawrence

Apple appears to have fixed a bug that some have speculated could be the possible source of this weekend’s massive online leak of celebrity nude photos. The bug, known as “ibrute,” appears to have been first noted on the social coding site Github. It allowed hackers to access an individual’s iCloud data by exploiting a weakness in Apple’s “Find My iPhone” service, according to Engadget. The problem was that Apple’s service didn’t employ so-called “brute force protection,” which meant that anyone who wanted to break into a person’s iCloud could repeatedly enter a large number of passwords without fear of being locked out, according to The Next Web. Late Sunday, one or more anonymous users uploaded what were allegedly nude photos of dozens of celebrities, including Oscar-winning actress Jennifer Lawrence and Sports Illustrated model Kate Upton, to the image-sharing site 4chan.

Read the full story at The Huffington Post.

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