You can monitor your home in many ways, but few ways give you the options of simplicam. Powered by Closeli, simplicam is the first and only home monitoring Wi-Fi solution that includes face detection. That means you’ll only get alerts when someone’s in your home — and not when your cat runs through your living room and knocks over your lamp.

Simplicam lets you view live or recorded video from any connected device (smartphone, tablet or computer) and easily sets up in less than three minutes. Simplicam offers 720p video along with motion and sound notifications through the free companion apps. It even gives you access to cloud recording, easy editing and sharing options. You can schedule times to record with simplicam, and you’re able to remotely turn it on or off through the app.

Closeli Recording Services

  • Upgrading to one of Closeli’s cloud-based recording plans offers a few enhanced features, including:
  • Face Detection notifications that tell users when someone is home.
  • Continuous video recording in the cloud.
  • The ability to save favorite clips and watch them anytime, anywhere.
  • Easy video editing and sharing (pets being cute!) straight from a smartphone via email or social media.
There are three different options for the recording services:
  • 1 day recording: $49/year or $5/month.
  • 11 day recording: $139/year or $14/month.
  • 21 day recording: $229/year or $23/month.

Availability and Pricing

Simplicam is available for $149.99 on or Users can purchase the camera with a 24-hour recording plan for one year for $199.99, or upgrade anytime to a Closeli Recording Services plan. For more information on Closeli Recording Services and pricing options, please visit

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