Over the years we’ve seen peer-to-peer marketplaces pop up for pretty much every vertical. There’s Airbnb, which lets you rent out your home to other people, Getaround and Relayrides for car rentals, and even a couple for getting snow cleared from your driveway. And now there’s Roost, a peer-to-peer marketplace for self-storage. The idea behind Roost is not that different from any of those other marketplaces: I’ve got something you can use, you pay me to use it. In this case, we’re talking about storage space, specifically storage space that can be found in your neighbor’s basement, or garage, or attic, or what have you. The self-storage industry is a $24 billion opportunity! or so the slide deck says.* But until now, that industry has been defined by ominous storage lockers like the one where Clarise finds the remains of one of Buffalo Bill’s victims in Silence Of The Lambs.

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