If you’ve ever wanted to turn household objects (or yourself!) into interactive 3D models, all you need is an iPad and the Itseez3D app. Designed to work with the Occipital’s 3D Structure sensor, the Itseez3D app lets you turn people, furniture, toys and more into interactive 3D models. Itseez3D is especially helpful for professional users (like engineers, designers, inventors and manufacturers), who can now instantly create 3D models to important into CAD or to be used for 3D printing. It’s also fun for more casual users, too, by turning your family or kids’ toys into 3D models for anyone to play with.

After raising $1.2 million on Kickstarter last fall, the team over at Occipital wanted to help the Itseez team bring something “revolutionary” to market. The Itseez team began building its iOS app using Occipital’s Structure SDK, which is a perfect storm of sophisticated technology and a user-friendly interface.

The app and the sensor work in tandem to capture objects with high-res color and structure data. Itseez3D then uses that data to generate a complete 3D model within minutes. Once you have that model, you can share it in .ply or .obj formats through email or on Sketchfab.

The Itseez3D app is now available for free for a limited time in the iOS App Store. To learn more about Itseez3D, visit To find out more about Occipital Structure Sensor, visit

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