The FTC is taking T-Mobile to court. Their claim? T-Mobile is allowing shady text messaging services to sneak onto your bill, and making “hundreds of millions of dollars” by not doing enough to stop it. Let’s say you’re sitting at home, bored. Your phone blinks as a text rolls in. “Welcome to Celebrity Gossip King! Text STOP to cancel,” it reads. “Weird,” you think. “Must be spam or something. If I reply, I’ll probably make it worse. Plus, I kind of like celebrity gossip anyway.” Six months later, you’re looking at your mobile phone bill closely for the first time in ages. Wait, what’s that $9.99 charge lurking on page 20? “Celebrity Gossip King”? That garbage is costing you 10 bucks a month? You check your last few bills. Sure enough, $10 a month, every month. You didn’t sign up for this.

Read the full story at TechCrunch.

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