The Melt's 'Smart Box'

Grilled Cheese

Moist. Cold. Soggy. Not words you want to associate with your grilled cheese sandwich. Or anything edible, really. Nevertheless, they were adjectives that fit the fare of The Melt, a high-end San Francisco-based sandwich chain, whenever it tried to deliver hot grilled cheeses to hungry lunch customers. How were office-goers going to get their hangover cures?! So in September 2013, The Melt, which was launched by Flip founder Jonathan Kaplan (he sold his video camera company in 2009 for $590 million), put together an internal team of problem solvers charged with finding a way to extend the sandwich’s woefully short shelf life. They discovered that each Melt had about seven minutes before going cold, leaving the cheese to congeal and making for a subpar grilled cheese-eating experience.

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The Melt's 'Smart Box'

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