Snapchat has just announced “Geofilters,” photo filters that are unlocked only when you’re in a specific place or city. To activate the filters, you just swipe left on your screen once you’ve taken a photo in the app. In a video announcing the feature, you can see filters for a specific coffee shop, Soul Cycle location, Disneyland, and a variety of neighborhoods like Malibu. Disneyland, in fact, is featured very prominently in the video, but a Snapchat spokesperson says that Disneyland, nor any of the other locations, paid to have their filter included in the app. Geofilters, however, seem like a great opportunity for Snapchat if and when it thinks about how it’s going to make money. Snapchat has for some time asked users to enable location services in its app, but until now, it hasn’t been very clear as to why.

Read the full story at The Verge.

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