LifeBEAM’s technology has always been used in the most demanding situations — if you’re a pilot, astronaut or member of the Special Forces, you probably know LifeBEAM’s tech very well.

LifeBEAM is now creating a new category in the wearable tech industry with its “disruption bio-sensing technology” to bring its next-level technology to the mainstream market. The Ray, LifeBEAM’s B2B platform, helps power some of the biggest players in the wearables market while also providing highly accurate pulse and activity data. This tech lets manufacturers add bio-sensing tech to just about any wearable product imaginable — including smartwatches, headsets, glasses and more. LifeBEAM’s tech turns new products into standards in the wearable arena. LifeBEAM’s platform supports ANT+ and Bluetooth 4.0.

What’s next for LifeBEAM? The company already can already track heart rate and distance, but is aiming to expand to other areas in the near future.

To learn more about LifeBEAM, visit its site today.


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