Happiness Blanket

Happiness Blanket

British Airways believes a high-tech blanket can tell the company how to make passengers more comfortable on flights. Dubbed the “happiness blanket,” this particular piece of material is loaded with fiber optics and connects to a neurosensor device so it acts like a big comfy mood ring. The blanket isn’t handed out to every passenger. It’s part of a limited experiment. It’s understandable why this won’t likely become a staple of flying. It requires wearing a headband outfitted with electronic gear that measures electrical fluctuations in the brain’s neurons, but it’s hardly high fashion. The head-mounted gadget made by MyndPlay sends a signal to the blanket over Bluetooth. Fiber optics embedded in the blankie turn blue when the person is relaxed and red when the person is anxious, giving flight attendants an immediate visual cue as to the passenger’s comfort.

Read the full story at CNET.

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