Four Impending Threats to the Internet



What are the biggest threats to the Internet? To mark its 25th anniversary, Pew Research Center asked thousands of thinkers, businesspeople, analysts and other esteemed technology followers to consider what the Internet might look like in a decade — and what most concerned them. Many were optimistic but said there are risks to innovation that can’t be ignored. Here are four threats that came up most often in the report by Janna Anderson and Lee Rainie, with a sampling of responses plucked from Pew’s Internet Project report. Threat 1: Meddling by Countries. “Actions by nation-states to maintain security and political control will lead to more significant blocking, filtering, segmentation, and balkanization of the Internet.” Balkanization is already well under way. Totalitarian states particularly are driven to ring themselves about.

Read the full story at The Wall Street Journal.

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