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In a rare show of generosity from an Internet service provider, Verizon plans to boost FiOS upload speeds to match customers’ download speeds at no extra charge. ISPs typically offer much slower uploads compared to downloads. Under Verizon’s previous plan, for instance, customers with 15 Mbps downloads only received 5 Mbps uploads, and customers paying for 500 Mbps download speeds only got upload speeds of 100 Mbps. Faster upload speeds are especially useful for posting photos and videos to social networks, or sending files to online storage services. Verizon points out that a 1-hour HD video would have taken 16 minutes to upload under a 50 Mbps down/25 Mbps up plan, but that same video will only take eight minutes once upload speeds are raised to 50 Mbps.

Read the full story at PC World.

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