Adidas Fit Smart

Adidas Fit Smart

Nike might be planning to abandon its Fuelband hardware, but Adidas is taking the opposite path with the introduction of its new Fit Smart fitness tracking device. It’s a wrist-worn tracker that looks similar to the Fitbit and its ilk, but Adidas is shooting for a slightly different market. Rather than measuring all of your movements as typical activity trackers do, Adidas intends for its Fit Smart to be worn specifically when you’re exercising or otherwise performing physical activity that you want to measure. Combined with a completely-redesigned smartphone app, Adidas wants the Fit Smart to serve as more of a training coach than an activity tracker. “The key to the Fit Smart is having heart rate technology on your wrist,” says Paul Gaudio, general manager for Adidas digital sports.

Read the full story at The Verge.

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