Verizon and Netflix


Verizon has sent Netflix a cease and desist order demanding that it stop presenting its subscribers with messages that blame Verizon’s network for poor streaming performance. Netflix’s messages are actively meant to knock Verizon — among other service providers — that it alleges have been hurting streaming quality, either actively or through failing to properly maintain their networks. Verizon has vehemently disagreed that it’s at fault for dips in performance, and it reiterates that in the order. “There is no basis for Netflix to assert that issues with respect to playback of any particular video session are attributable solely to the Verizon network,” reads Verizon’s letter. After Netflix’s messages caught wide attention yesterday, Verizon immediately fired back, calling them “inaccurate,” “misleading,” and a “PR stunt.”

Read the full story at The Verge.

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