Amazon Fire Phone

Amazon’s first smartphone, the Fire Phone, looks like an amazing piece of hardware. You’ll want to play around with it the first chance you get. There are cameras tucked into all four corners of the front of its 4.7-inch screen—not for taking Brady Bunch selfies, but to pull off some fancy “Dynamic Perspective” tricks. Using the camera’s face-tracking input, you can look around onscreen objects, even peer behind them. It’s not about popping-out-of-the-screen 3-D, but about infusing a sense of depth and realism into a bunch of flat pixels. Your phone becomes a little diorama box, with stunning effects for 3-D maps, games, and homescreen wallpaper. The phone’s other cameras will also be put to use in the phone’s Firefly feature, which works as an everything-scanner.

Read the full story at Wired.

Amazon Fire Phone

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