2014 World Cup

2014 World Cup

How will YOU watch the World Cup? A recent analysis from Experian Marketing Services (of 25,000 people in the U.S.) says that many of us will watch this year’s games across multiple devices — often streaming a few games at the same time. 31 percent of soccer fans will watch games on more than one device, and 64 percent plan to watch at least one game online. Here are some more of Experian’s findings:

  • 60 percent more likely to use their phone to keep up with sports
  • 65 percent more likely to stream video from a work computer
  • 20 percent more likely to multitask while watching TV
  • 37 percent more likely to use a digital tablet
  • 60 percent more likely to use sports apps on their phone during a typical week

These numbers prove how mainstream web viewing has become, according to Bill Tancer, the general manager of global research at Experian. “This is a digitally and technologically savvy audience that doesn’t care how they watch their favorite programs, just as long as they are able to watch them,” Tancer said. “Expect to see the 2014 World Cup broadcasted everywhere the fans are this year, whether that’s at their desk computer or during their commute.”

Keep an eye out for more from Experian, which will continue to analyze viewing trends throughout the World Cup games. You can view Experian’s live 2014 World Cup Online Trends Dashboard here.

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