Gear Blink

Gear Blink

Samsung has filed a trademark application for “Gear Blink” in Korea, an addition to the “Gear” line of smart wearable devices that is expected to be a Google Glass competitor. The Korean giant is working on a set of smartglasses, and has published various patents for wearable augmented reality glasses including one for a virtual keyboard projected onto the wearer’s hands which allows typing in thin air. A patent application published earlier this year showed a headset that combined an earphone with a heads-up display mounted in front of the wearer’s eye, much like Google Glass without the glasses frame, while a patent from March showed a more traditional glasses-frame mounted design. Samsung has leveraged eye-watching technology in its Galaxy S line of smartphones before, building features that allow users to scroll through text by looking up or down and that keeps the screen unlocked while the user is looking at the screen.

Read the full story at The Guardian.

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