Serendipitous meetups with friends while traveling make us happy and Facebook wants to be the portal to that joy. So this week it quietly rolled out a new feature that lets you share where you’re “traveling to”. Facebook’s Page mentioned it on Wednesday, so I asked the company which said that after some testing, “traveling to” is now available to all users. It has big potential to bring Facebook valuable data on what’s important to us. The “traveling to” option is found within the activity and emotion sharing smiley-face button on the Facebook status composer on both web and mobile. One you select it, you can choose a destination city, but not a departure and return time. Facebook will then append “traveling to Boston” with a little plane icon. Some destinations get their own special emoji, like a Statue Of Liberty for New York, or a Hollywood sign for Los Angeles.

Read the full story at TechCrunch.

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