Spring Cleaning

Spring Cleaning

Ah, spring. Birds chirp, flowers bloom and winter cobwebs get swept away. But what about the cobwebs in your personal technology? Though these aren’t visible in your everyday life, they create their own sort of digital dust, and can benefit from a spruce-up session. This week, I’ll guide you through some simple steps for spring cleaning your virtual world. In your social networks, I’ll walk you through steps for deleting apps or turning off permissions that you unknowingly enabled. On your browser, I’ll explain how to delete saved browser history that could be slowing you down. For Macs and Windows PCs, I’ll explain how to delete old apps and programs that you haven’t used in months or years. De-litter your Twitter! Twitter just celebrated its eighth birthday. Over the years, you may have granted dozens of apps the ability to access your account in this social network.

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