Galaxy S5 Baby Monitor

Galaxy S5 Baby Monitor

What happens when you roll out a particular device that you have designated it to be a flagship model? Why, it would most probably come with its fair share of features that ought to blow most minds away. Samsung’s upcoming Galaxy S5 smartphone is not an exception, either, and it does seem as though it will feature a baby crying detector which is capable of setting off a vibrating alarm that has been paired to a Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch, each time an infant begins to wail. Allegedly, Samsung claims that this particular detector would work at its optimal level when placed one meter away from the baby, without any kind of background noises. Of course, Samsung has taken precautions to remind parents as well that the feature is not meant to be a replacement for “human caregiving”, while sending out a reminder to users as well that a baby not ought to be left all alone in a house, unattended.

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