Google Glass

Google Glass

Google Glass may be one of the internet giant’s “moonshot” technologies, but its early adopters have attracted plenty of negative attention in the device’s early days. There’s even a specific insult – “glassholes” – used by critics of the augmented eyewear, with regular accusations that the device is privacy-flouting, covert-surveillance frippery for the overwhelmingly white, male, Silicon Valley elite. Now Google is hitting back at the haters, publishing a post on the official Google Glass Google+ page that aims to demolish “The Top 10 Google Glass Myths”. “Myths can be fun, but they can also be confusing or unsettling. And if spoken enough, they can morph into something that resembles fact,” it claims. “In its relatively short existence, Glass has seen some myths develop around it. While we’re flattered by the attention, we thought it might make sense to tackle them, just to clear the air.”

Read the full story at The Guardian and the blog post at Google Glass’s Google+ page.

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