YotaPhoneYou haven’t heard the last of the YotaPhone, the unusual Android handset with an e-ink display on its back. Although the smartphone has only been on the market for a few months, its manufacturer is already showing off the next generation. This second act is rounder, a bit svelter, and incrementally smarter. We were lucky enough to wrap our paws around a prototype of the new YotaPhone at MWC 2014 And though it’s clear this updated gadget isn’t quite ready for prime time, we can see it makes the most impressive case yet for a dual-screened e-ink Android smartphone combo. While propping up top Android specs is important to Yota Devices (and we’ll get to all that in the section below), this phone is at least 50 percent about the performance of that second screen.

Read the full story at CNET.

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