Barack Obama

Last Tuesday President Obama met with top engineers and Pentagon people. He publicly said: “Basically, I’m here to announce that we’re building Iron Man […] Not really. Maybe. It’s classified.” People laughed, but the truth is that yes, the US military is building Iron Man, and the first prototypes are coming in this June. First, listen to his speech (embedded below), because it is funny. His delivery and timing is impeccable. The fact is that it’s real. The Pentagon is totally building Iron Man, and the US Army has confirmed this a few times already. In fact, along with robots, it’s one of its biggest bets, just like the US Air Force and the US Navy are betting on drones. Last week DefenseTech reported that Admiral William McRaven—chief of the US Special Operations Command—has confirmed that three prototypes are already being assembled and are expected to be delivered in June for testing.

Read the full story at Gizmodo, and hear President Obama’s speech in the embedded video below.

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