Nissan's Smart Review Mirror

Nissan's Smart Review Mirror

Nissan is showing off its new full-LCD rearview mirror, which beams a live camera feed from the back of the car to a switchable display that can be flicked between regular glass or enhanced video. Designed to give better rear visibility as well as still provide a clear picture even if there’s rain on the back window, low-light conditions, or even just a full rear-seat. The problem with existing rearview mirror technology, Nissan argues, is that the line of vision through regular mirrors is often blocked by the car’s styling, rear-seat passengers, or oversized headrests. Chunkier C-pillars for improved crash protection, and high stacks of luggage also get in the way. Nissan’s fix is to put a 1.3-megapixel narrow-angle camera up near the rear center brake light at the top of the car, and route its feed to a specially-designed 4:1 aspect LCD monitor that looks at first glance just like a regular mirror.

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