Google Chromebox

Google ChromeboxBeen trying to figure out just what you’d do with a Chromebox? Google has an idea: build a new video conferencing system. At least that’s what Google VP of product management Ceaser Sengupta announced in Mountain View this morning. It’s called Chromebox for meetings and, well, it’s a Chromebox bundle designed to outfit meeting rooms with a robust, easy to use meeting solution powered by the Google Cloud. On the surface, the $999 bundle doesn’t seem that different from the devices ASUS has already announced — it includes a Core i7 box, a HD camera, a microphone / conference speaker and a keyboard-equipped remote. Plug the setup into your existing conference room monitors, log into the Google management platform, and you’re ready to go. How about in use? Well, that looks like a mash up between Google Hangouts and Chromecast.

Read the full story at Engadget.

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