Samsung2013 was supposed to be the year in which Samsung blew away the smartphone competition. It wasn’t. Now, 2014 looks to be a soul-searching year for the Korean tech giant. Samsung’s flagship smartphone, the Galaxy S4, has been a disappointment in every regard. Samsung hyped up the phone to be a world-beater, but the Galaxy S4 turned out to be just a modest improvement over the previous year’s Galaxy S3. That’s something Samsung’s own execs regret, and they are now trying to set more modest expectations for this year’s Galaxy S5 launch. Sales of the S4 were okay. It was last year’s best-selling Android phone but still sold well below the company’s — and Wall Street analysts’ — expectations. Though Samsung still remains the smartphone market leader, it failed to gain any share in 2013, halting its meteoric rise of the past several years.

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