MakerbotMakerbot Chief Executive Bre Pettis unveiled something “epic” at the Consumer Electronics Show on Monday. Like a showman, he removed a black covering to reveal a mammoth 3D printer. And it’s for making big, epic things, he said. The CEO announced the Replicator Z18 for printing large objects — up to 12 by 12 by 18 inches tall. “If you’ve been hampered with how big you can make things, then no more,” said Pettis. The industrial strength printer was one of three new models he unveiled today. The other two are a new Replicator “prosumer” machine, and a Replicator Mini. The idea of the press conference was simple: try to make something for everyone. “It’s not, are you going to get a 3D printer, it’s which Makerbot printer are you going to get?” he said. Price-wise, the Mini is $1,399, the new Replicator is $2,899, and the big bot Z18 is $6,499. While the Mini is intended to be the entry-level machine, it’s still on the pricier side at more than a grand. All three machines will tap into the Makerbot 3D printing platform. Pettis touted the Mini’s one-touch printing capability, Wi-Fi connectivity, and camera.

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