Lindsay Ellingson in 3D-Printed Wings

Lindsay Ellingson in 3D-Printed WingsEvery year during the Victoria’s Secret fashion show, a gaggle of genetically blessed supermodels struts down the runway wearing next to nothing. To be fair, they are wearing something: bras, underwear, impossibly high heels and the occasional pair of giant, extravagant wings. Hold on a second. Wings? If you’re not paying attention to the avian appendages jutting out from the models’ backside, don’t worry. It’s perfectly normal. But it’s also too bad, because aside from the women on stage, the elaborately-designed wings are the show’s signature design element. In the past, these have been made from all sorts of crazy stuff—hundreds of thousands of crystals, glowing, translucent plastics and the 50-inch plumes from a Chinese pheasant. But this year, one pair of wings got a very techy update. Victoria’s Secret partnered with the 3-D printing gurus at Shapeways and Swarovski Crystal to craft a winter-themed pair of wings worn by model Lindsay Ellingson.

Read the full story at Wired.

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