LG G Flex

LG G FlexWhile you’re still trying to work out why you need a curved phone, LG’s getting ready to sell you one anyway. That’s if you live in Hong Kong, Singapore or Thailand at least. The firm’s arched G Flex handset is just embarking on its worldwide rollout, with those nations getting first dibs (after it’s home debut in Korea that is). Hong Kong will see it land December 13th, while the other two will get it in the following weeks. Still no official word on when it will head west, though a European release is slated for early 2014 (and not December as first hoped). As for the US? We’ve already seen it land at the FCC in Sprint and AT&T flavors. So, at the very least those wheels are turning, let’s just hope that $940 price will curve downwards, too, in the meantime.

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